Really Pro Team

Our Unique & Talented People

Our unique and talented team are the driving force behind what we do. We value our employed colleagues and associates and provide our services with a down to earth approach, professional acumen and always aim to always do the right thing and deliver results. We have years of experience and understanding of specialist industries and markets from our team, and it’s this depth and breadth of experience that gives us proven insight into commercial markets, educational environments and the community landscapes in which we operate within.

Kelly Monroe

Centre Relationship Manager

Did you know, Kelly has a hot tub called Hillary.

David Lewis Really Pro

David Lewis

Finance & Accounts Manager

Loves maths and all things number related.

Fran Kenealy

Support Worker & Engagement Trainer

Fran has a hamster called Raddy ….like the wizard from The Hobbit.

Teresa Bridgeman

Support Worker & Engagement Trainer

Teresa has a great dane that is taller than her.

Julie Raikes

Financial Advisor

Julie loves healthy eating and wouldn’t dare eat a big mac!

Amy Banks

Development Manager

Amy thought Viennese whirls by Mr Kipling were made in Vietnam.

Lea Reed

Family Foundation – Schools Advisor

Lea used to play for Ladies Ospreys as a hooker.

Rhodri Packman

Marketing / Digital Advisor

Rhodri has every colour pair of brogues….apart from yellow.

Laura Evans

Learning & Development Advisor

Laura enjoys chasing Rosie (her dog) down the beach.

Nick Barton

Trainer & Coach

Nick can build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

Lynne Robson

Trainer & Coach

Lynne has rubbed shoulders with Mary Portas – Queen of shops.

Duncan John

Trainer & Coach

Don’t disturb Duncan watching Game Of Thrones.